The JMP design team has a commitment to achieve outstanding results by combining creativity and innovation with a huge amount of accumulated experience across all types of complex engineering projects. Our reputation has been built on the ability to combine innovation with leading edge technology, along with industry best practice, to deliver world class results. That’s why we have deepened our BIM investment and capability: more than 40% of our projects now use state of the art design technology that gives enormous advantages in efficiently planning, designing, buildings/infrastructure.


JMP have deepened our BIM investment and capability with greater than 40% of our projects currently being undertaken in Design.


Lead design manager on the Exhibition Telephone Exchange Divestment. Within the envelope, engineering, architecture, town planning, permit coordination, demolition and staging. This involved a level of complexity and collaboration to permit the uninterrupted operation of CBD critical infrastructure.

Management of the Design

Intrusion prevention for the National Note Processing Centre, blast resistant structures and controlled entry for process production facilities for Orica. New Victorian Archive Centre – robust and redundant structures.
New wall types, overland drainage controls and fast track construction at Fulham Correctional Centre. Reference designs for PPP procurement.