Several of our designs have been acclaimed as best practice in sustainable building in Australia and have achieved five or six star green star energy ratings. As a result, our development and application of ESD principles has positioned us as preferred designers for clients who are seeking facilities built around ecological sustainability. Examples of our work include an active mass cooling system and the application of a “living well” model to recycle grey water and rainwater. We are proud that our dedication and commitment over the past decade has been recognised with a number of high profile ESD awards

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre was designed and audited to achieve a 6 star energy rating. This was audited by the Green Building Council of Australia – our contribution to Melbourne’s largest Water Sensitive Urban Design initiatives being a significant factor in this achievement. Winner of the Banksia Award 2009, 2010 RAIA Victoria Medal and the 2009 UDIA Award for Environmental Excellence.

The recently completed STRIP 2 Project at Monash University is the second laboratory project in Victoria to implement an active mass cool-ing system. These systems represent the cutting edge of modern building design.

Department of Primary Industries
Research Institutes Horsham, Kyabram, Tatura, Ellinbank, La Trobe University.

Deakin University Burwood Highway Frontage (Building BC)$120m Tertiary Teaching and Administration Building designed to a 5 star green star rating that includes active thermal mass environmental control throughout, high performance low energy façade with resulting positive occupant and client feedback since opening in 2014.

Northcote Town Hall Redevelopment, 2003 RAIA Architecture Award for Excellence incorporating ESD principles.

Williamstown High School
A model 5 Star Green Star Facility. Awarded the 2008 Banksia Award and the 2008 Premier’s Award in Sustainability.

60L Green Building, Banksia Foundation Award for ‘the leading exam-ple’ of Sustainable Building in Australia as the new Headquarters for the Australian Conservation Foundation